Water is vital to human survival. However, it must undergo treatment so it can become safe for human consumption and use in such activities as cleaning and gardening. Water treatment plant operators provide this service by handling machines at water facilities that filter water and adjust chemical content. Operators undergo specific training to perform their jobs efficiently and safely. 

The training curriculum progressively takes a student from basic control orientation to complex machine tasks by using a series of instruction modules. Experienced operators can benefit from simulator training to extend and refine their skills. Solutions begin with proper project planning to meet those objectives. We stage the system to check the logic and to provide operator and maintenance training. In cooperation with the water and wastewater treatment associations and other organizations, ECOTEREN has created a new Water Environmental Technology program with four career tracks - all offered at ECOTEREN premises and also online.


Both Credit and Continuing Ed non-Credit classes required for certification and recertification are offered. Well-trained operators maximize the likelihood of efficient system performance and minimize the occurrence of problems that require costly repair work. Proper operator training is an investment that always pays for itself in the long run, especially when the training class is developed specifically for your unique treatment system and your staff.

ECOTEREN’s water and wastewater training classes are tailored to address your specific facility production processes, treatment systems, and requirements.
A typical class agenda includes topics such as:
  • Water and wastewater chemistry fundamentals
  • Safety issues in your water and wastewater treatment plant
  • Process histories
  • Treatment process fundamentals
  • Process controls for best treatment in your facility
  • Chemical preparation, handling and dosing
  • Monitoring and testing
  • Lab procedures and microscopic exams
  • Data handling
  • Visual and physical monitoring
  • Troubleshooting and problem solving
We customize the content of each topic to address your specific circumstances so operators are able to apply the knowledge they gain immediately and with confidence.
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