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Securing water as a production factor.
Water is an important production factor. In industry water is required that corresponds with the differing needs of respective processes. The spectrum of industrial water ranges from cooling and boiler feed water in power stations and process water for a wide range of industrial uses to ultra pure water for the electronics and pharmaceutical industries.
If zero discharge is not possible, we treat it until it is within the legally established discharge limits to avoid sanctions or other serious financial or social repercussions and loss of image.
In addition to allowing compliance with current environmental legislation, the treatment of industrial wastewater offers great added value for those responsible companies, sensitive to the environment.
Industrial wastewater, if not properly treated before discharge, can contain toxic compounds and compounds that are difficult to break down, and have a pH far from neutral, etc. Depending on the contamination it presents, the processes necessary to treat it correctly vary.
ECOTEREN has experience in wastewater treatment and is an expert in designing and implementing the most competitive wastewater treatment processes that best suit the conditions of each customer.
Due to its vast expertise in industrial water treatment, ECOTEREN can offer a wide range of solutions in this area.
We can supply a tailor-made solution for each specific task. ECOTEREN offers an extensive portfolio of treatment processes for the securing of the quantitative and qualitative supply of water to industrial companies, covering virtually every need from conventional processes to high-performance systems (e.g. membrane processes). We attach special value to reliable, low-maintenance systems that offer high economy.
We provide also the following solution for industrial wastewater treatment:
  • Process water
  • Boiler feed water
  • Service water

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