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Reverse osmosis filtration technology removes dissolved impurities from water with the use of a semi-permeable membrane. We offer industrial RO systems, commercial RO systems and commercial RO filtration systems that treat raw water and make them ideal for use.
Industrial RO plants

ECOTEREN offers Industrial RO Plants/filtration systems for the usage many Industries. These RO plants/filtration systems are based on modern technology and to perform high level of efficiency. The modern RO systems will deliver pragmatic and smart solutions to industry requirements with economical way.

ECOTEREN has developed advanced reverse osmosis technologies to produce high grade drinking water from different sources, including seawater, in a single automated process. We operate a wide range of systems holding a capacity of producing up to thousands of liters of pure drinking water each day. Alternatively, our systems can also be arranged to meet your individual needs. Very easy to install, Industrial RO plant purify water from impurities. Our plants are known for their outstanding performance as we offer them in varied specifications at economical prices.
What makes ECOTEREN different from other water companies? We have been able to create industrial RO plants using latest technologies of reverse osmosis to purify and clean water from different sources. Whether it is water from sea or any other source, our automated process is able to filter out even the smallest of impurity from it with end results that includes clean, hygienic and safe drinkable water.
Industrial reverse osmosis is a technology used by us in our plants that purifies water without hampering with its minerals and pH so all you get is harmless, useful and healthy water for use.
Domestic RO Plants

ECOTEREN offers domestic RO Plants/filtration systems for the usage of apartments, large lay outs and even individual houses who can consume waters largely. We offer the RO plants/ filtration systems with customized designs and specific requirements also.

Taking into account the health concerns of our clients related to water contamination we have developed an advanced level Domestic RO plant. Our plant is equipped with latest technology and first class spares and components which make water drinkable. Our plants are embedded with unique features like auto-shut off buttons and the detailed five stage processes make us shine out in market. And if you’re looking for a water purifier that will provide outstanding drinking water for your home, Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration is one of the most popular and best water filtration methods available.
Reverse osmosis plants for home by ECOTEREN is aimed at giving every household access and supply to clean water that can be used for various purposes especially drinking and cooking. The plants that we have created are best for both domestic and local use, cost effective and efficient in performance. One might still doubt the process of reverse osmosis with the end results but we ensure you that our plants use the best technology around so all you can get is RO water that is 100% purified, light and of course tastes great.

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