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A partner in every respect
ECOTEREN operates water and wastewater treatment plants on a long-term basis and possesses great international experience. As a partner for entire plant life cycles, we not only run facilities that we have designed and built, but also undertake the management of existing wastewater and water treatment capacity. Ownership and the control of charges remain with our customers.
As a private operator, ECOTEREN ensures efficiency and cost optimization. A selection of possibilities ensures the constant provision of optimum solutions for our customers. At present, the most important concepts are:
  • Consulting
  • O&M – Plant Operation/Outsourcing
  • DBO – Design-Build-Operate
  • BOOT – Build-Own-Operate-Transfer
Apart from these proven models, which are generally preferred by our customers, we also offer standard branch solutions such as operator models, co-operations, licenses and participations.
As local authorities and industrial companies know from their own experience, water management is a demanding task. Operational management ties down resources in both the administrative and human resources sectors. At the same time, optimum and efficient water management, which frequently represents an unknown technical area, is a highly responsible assignment.
Business management requirements are increasing and technologies are constantly developing further. Moreover, at the same time, the legislation relating to water management is becoming steadily more stringent. In order to meet all these economic, technical and legal demands, a growing number of local authorities and industrial companies are turning over their wide-ranging duties in the water area to external partners.
We guarantee quality, process optimization and increased efficiency.
As a result of the design and construction of innumerable plants and long-term experience in their management, ECOTEREN possesses extensive know-how and recognized competence in the areas of water and operational management and can therefore optimize the running of plants and thus contribute to their success.
We assume complete responsibility for the technical and/or commercial management of drinking and wastewater treatment plants and support you as a partner throughout the entire life cycle.
During daily operations, our customers benefit from:
  • The long-term, international experience of our experts.
  • ECOTEREN’s extensive technological competence.
  • The results of company R&D activities.
ECOTEREN offers a range of individual models. The most important current concepts for efficient plant management include:
We also provide the following services:

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