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ECOTEREN prepares maps and graphics for reports, presentation boards, PowerPoint presentations, and web pages, using a variety of computer programs including Adobe Illustrator, Arcview, and Autocad. ECOTEREN’s services also include data acquisition and data management using Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies, for the purpose of spatial analysis, surface area calculations, mapping, and modeling of topographical and hydrological phenomena. ECOTEREN incorporates Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawings for use in analyses and overlay, and utilizes Global Positioning System (GPS) data for use in environmental analysis.
GIS Services

We provide services ranging from the design and implementation of complex environmental remediation projects to urban and seaport master planning. Our experts successfully implemented GIS as a major tool in planning, executing, and controlling projects in Europe.

The primary products/services are road network mapping, gasoline station mapping, seaport site feasibility surveys, Environmental Sensitivity Index Mapping, wetland mapping, flood simulation modeling, oil spill response mapping, and socio-economic surveys.

Services we provide:
  • Geo-database Design and Maintenance
  • Consultancy for Storage, Retrieval and Management of Geospatial Data
  • Mapping of Environmental Impacts and Damages
  • Utility/Facilities Management
  • Urban Planning
  • ESRI ArcSDE Service for Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server
  • Development of Static and Dynamic GIS Applications
  • System Conceptual Design and Database Modeling
  • Data Automation and Conversion
  • Customized Application Design and Development
  • System Installation, Commissioning and Technical Support
  • GIS Web Design and Implementation
  • Training in GIS and Related Services
  • GIS based mobile application development
Graphic Design & Digital Imaging
Design & Artwork delivered in Print-ready format.

We deliver creative and professional graphics, ready for immediate use. We ensure industry standards are met which means; a quick, easy and smooth process from start to completion for you.

When it comes to graphic design we know what works. Since 2011 we’ve been servicing small to large sized businesses from a variety of industries.

We learn from and build on every project. That’s what we mean by “proven results.” And that’s what you get when you let ECOTEREN help guide your design. We focus on the elements we’ve discovered generate the best response based on previous clients campaigns we’ve created and split tested.

With ECOTEREN you don’t just get a gorgeous layout. Sure, you get a beautiful design that you can be proud to represent your brand, but it is created intentionally to produce the best possible marketing results for your business. We utilize the age old knowledge gained from over 7 years in the industry, and channel it into your projects design. We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel. We believe in making the wheel we have work better and more efficiently for you and your business.
IT Services and web design

Our IT division is initially developed to support its GIS and environmental division with the objective of creating user friendly web applications for local level planning. However, upon increased customer requirements ECOTEREN has decided to broaden its IT service.

Nowadays we do GIS based mobile application development, GIS based web design and implementation, Website development & management for various Govt. & non govt. agencies, Oil spill modeling and Decision support system development.

Services we provide:
  • Web application development
  • Mobile application development (Android, iOS)
  • Website design, development & management
  • Vehicle tracking application development
  • Decision support system development
  • Compound asset management system
  • Google Map API integration

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