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We are an independent water technology consulting company, that specializes in the areas of industrial water and wastewater technology. ECOTEREN does not sell any chemicals but we provide equipment and technologies that fit your needs. In that way, we are able to offer our clients evaluations, advice, and recommendations that are technically sound and completely objective.
The principals of ECOTEREN have more than 8 years of experience in a broad range of water technology issues.
These water technology fields include cooling water treatment, boiler water technology, makeup water pretreatment, ion exchange, membrane systems (RO, EDR and UF), water reuse, and overall plant water management. The extensive knowledge gained through this experience allows us to provide troubleshooting/problem solving, plant water audits, development of training programs, preparation of guideline documents, development of bid specifications, bid evaluations, process optimization, and litigation support/expert witness.
We offer consulting for the management of water technology plants. In addition to an appropriate analysis of current plant status and its management, objectives can be agreed that have to be met within a certain period. 
ECOTEREN has extensive planning and design experience on sewerage system collection and treatment facilities and in virtually every aspect of management of wastewater projects. For the past century, government, industrial and private clients have relied on the expertise of ECOTEREN for efficient and effective wastewater collection, treatment and disposal projects. 
Our experience spans the spectrum including master planning, interceptors, lift stations, pressure force mains, wet weather flow control strategies, tunneling, treatment plants and disposal/reuse projects.
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