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Including financing
Build, Own, Operate, Transfer (BOOT) is one type of operator model used in international project management. Operator models are project forms within which the actual investor delegates the building, operation and maintenance of a plant to another company for a limited time and thus is de facto a “customer” of the operating company. 
In line with its vision to create sustainable water infrastructure and be a proactive partner to its clients, ECOTEREN provides complete solutions for financing, construction and operation of water and wastewater projects.

ECOTEREN believes in being an asset-light company with its commitment to BOOT projects by means of a minor stake. We help in obtaining competitive financing from available avenues and assume overall responsibility for timely execution and operational management of the project.

This model represents a complete solution for the financing, construction and operation of a plant. ECOTEREN takes overall responsibility for the building and operational management of the plant, while at the same time securing the financing of the required investment using the available grant possibilities

As an expert and partner, ECOTEREN offers the best, complete solution from a technical and economic perspective as a full-line supplier. At the end of the contractual period, the plant becomes the property of the customer.
We provide the following services related to Operation & Maintenance: